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Greece raises concerns about EU stance on Venezuela

Exclusive: Diplomatic sources told EURACTIV that Greece raised concerns on Wednesday (2 August) about a new EU statement to be issued following the election of Venezuela’s constituent assembly last Sunday.

By: EBR - Posted: Wednesday, August 02, 2017

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by Sarantis Michalopoulos 

News agency AFP reported that the European Union is discussing a “whole range of actions” against Venezuela over its political crisis but is likely to stop short of sanctions.

“Consultations with member states are ongoing to ensure an appropriate and coordinated response by the EU. Obviously, the whole range of actions are discussed,” said Catherine Ray, EU High Representative Federica Mogherini’s spokeswoman, when asked if sanctions were on the table.


Diplomatic sources said that Athens did not oppose a new EU common statement; however, it would not accept any statement stating that the EU does not recognise the constituent assembly.

In a sign of EU unity on the issue, none of the EU ambassadors based in Caracas will participate in the opening ceremony of the constituent assembly, EURACTIV was told.

“The constituent assembly is provided in the Constitution of Venezuela in the articles 3.47, 3.48 and 3.49 […] and cannot be ignored,” the sources said, adding that it was the opposition that decided to abstain and the EU should not interfere in that.

*First published in EurActiv.com


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