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Timmermans wants to bring the law to the European Parliament (EP). Whether it will be approved there remains to be seen. The nature -restoration law is getting more and more opposition.

Has Timmermans to climb down on his EU nature-restoration law proposal?

EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans, one of the Vice-Presidents of the European Commission, is working on an ambitious law to help restore nature in the European Union

Only a few days before the vote, the responsible Green-led ecology ministry insisted that the vote was only a formality and that Germany would stick to its commitments.

The new German vote: Chimera-style EU politics

One defining characteristic of the Merkel era’s EU policy was the so-called “German vote”.

It is also about the lives of the 8.2 million refugees—a fifth of Ukraine’s population—who have found safety in other European countries. And don’t forget the 5.9 million internally displaced people.

Ukrainians wait for their return home

Over several days of non-stop meetings in Europe, the Middle East, and at the G7 summit in Hiroshima, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s messaging was clear

The post-Brexit trade and cooperation agreement between the UK and EU does not cover financial services meaning that UK-based firms cannot “passport” their services across the bloc after the EU refused to agree to ‘mutual recognition’ of the UK’s financial service laws.

EU moves closer to UK pact on financial services

The EU and UK are set to move towards closer ties on financial services regulation after the European Commission adopted a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the sector

These new rules won’t tackle the complex drivers of the gender pay gap alone. But by focusing on both pay transparency, as well as enforcement mechanisms, the EU’s new directive is a powerful step forward to combat pay inequality between men and women.

New EU pay transparency laws will help solve the gender pay gap. Here’s how

Even though 90% of Europeans think it’s unacceptable for women to be paid less than men, the average EU gender pay gap remained close to 13% in 2021

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