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By voting down Theresa May‘s deal once again decisively, the UK parliament yesterday rejected the first option, and probably for good.  An exasperated EU will not reopen negotiations to further finesse details of this deal. If the UK parliament votes against a no-deal hard Brexit today, as seems highly likely, the softer Brexit variants or a new referendum would be the only options left.

Brexit Mess: The EU Angle

A short eight-week delay to adjust the joint statement on post-Brexit relations accordingly would be fine for the EU27

EUROCHAMBRES President Christoph Leitl underlined that Chambers are ideally placed to promote the importance of the European elections to citizens. “Our network can decipher the jargon from Brussels into topics that touch the millions of people who work in our member businesses and the millions more with whom they are in daily contact. That is the challenge over the next three months.”

Chamber network kicks off European elections campaign

March 6, in the prestigious PressClub Brussels-Europe (PCBE), EUROCHAMBRES* set out its ‘#Chambers4EU’ campaign to encourage EU citizens to vote in May’s European Parliament elections and to vote for candidates who are engaged and committed to an ambitious, forward looking EU agenda

The approach is typical of Macron, who appears to like throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. Le Macronometre, a project set up by the think tank iFRAP, shows the president has initiated 60 domestic reforms, of which three have been dropped and the rest either have been legislated upon or are in progress.   As implemented, though, these reforms vary in the degree to which Macron has kept his election promises; iFRAP estimates 27 percent of these to be broken, 40 percent more or less kept and 33 percent fully kept

Macron Is Getting Ahead of Himself on Europe

The French president’s European election agenda is overambitious and badly thought out

His latest speech—it’s in fact an opinion piece published in several newspapers across the EU addressing the citizens of Europe—makes no mention of Germany or that special relationship, which over the years had driven the European project.  It’s as if Macron has lost any hope in Chancellor Angela Merkel helping him pull Europe out of its deep malaise and lack of self-confidence.

Macron’s Bid to Wake Up Europe

The outcome of the European Parliament elections will be decisive for the EU’s future

Today, the liberal political elites proclaim, louder than before, progress should be made in European co-operation in three key areas: Under the heading European foreign and defence policy, they demand a boost to the military self-assertiveness that would allow Europe “to step out of the shadows of the USA”; under the motto of a common European asylum policy, they further demand robust protection of Europe’s external borders and the establishment of dubious reception centres in North Africa; and, under the slogan “free trade”, they wish to pursue a common European trade policy in the Brexit negotiations as well as in the negotiations with Trump.

“New” Perspectives For Europe

Certainly, the risks associated with a significantly changed state of the world have penetrated public awareness and have altered perspectives on Europe


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Eurozone in economic bad weather

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Europe matters, but how do we tell young people that?

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The Growing Danger of EU Disintegration

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Britain, France, and the State of the EU

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Merkel: Nationalism and egoism out of Europe

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Greek minister: Far-right rise in Europe needs a progressive federalism response

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Europe: The psychological gap between East and West

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