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The World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Report (GRR) has listed water crises among the top-five risks in terms of impact for eight consecutive years. In the most recent version of the report, it remains nested among a cluster of other risks that are rated as having both a very high likelihood and a very high impact. These include extreme weather events, natural disasters, the failure of climate change adaptation and mitigation, man-made environmental disasters, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse, interstate conflict and large scale-involuntary migration.

Water is a growing source of global conflict. Here’s what we need to do

The most intensive drought ever recorded in Syria lasted from 2006 to 2011. Water scarcity hit households, businesses and infrastructure, while in the countryside crops failed, livestock died, and entire families moved to the country’s cities

Residents of Germany get to feel this every day. It can take months and several visits to a local government office to obtain an ID card (Estonians do this online), while the occasions one is required to present this document seem to mushroom.No wonder politicians, Germany’s political parties and government officials are at the bottom of the scale when it comes to whom the citizens trust. The country is caught in a “they” versus “us” scenario. While exercising control takes top priority, the ordinary business of government, to make things work, is shamefully neglected.

Can Germany Provide Global Solutions?

Germany’s leaders talk about taking on more responsibilities in world affairs. But the country’s government struggles with even basic forms of efficiency

U.S. Vice President Pence delivered a clearly statement to Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido:” We are with you,100 percent. The U.S. will provide an additional $ 56 million aid to Venezuelan citizens and the U.S. Treasury Department would be imposing ‘stronger sanctions’ on the Maduro regime’s corrupt financial networks.”  White House national security adviser Bolton said in an interview recently “I think momentum is on Guaido's side. Reports in the press that the military hasn't shifted, miss the point entirely.

Venezuela’s future depends on the US and Russia

The situation in Venezuela is unpredictable. There is great uncertainty about what will happen in the coming weeks or months. Does President Maduro remain in power or does the opposition leader Guaido take the lead?

First, the progress. Banks have bigger and better capital buffers and more liquidity. Countries have taken steps to address systemic risks posed by institutions seen as too big to fail. Regulation and supervision have been strengthened; many countries have stepped up their focus on monitoring financial stability, and many now also conduct regular stress tests to check banks’ health.

Is the World Prepared for the Next Financial Crisis?

New regulations and reforms have helped, but major threats still loom

The World Bank estimates that air pollution costs India the equivalent of 8.5% of GDP - a huge drain on resources. And with the economy forecast to grow rapidly, increasing industrialization could exacerbate the problem even further.

7 of the world’s 10 most polluted cities are in India

Air pollution is an insidious killer. If you are among the 91% of the world’s population who breathes air the World Health Organisation (WHO) deems unsafe, then every time you inhale, microscopic particles are being drawn into your lungs


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