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The Western military alliance is considering ways to protect and assure long-term support to Ukraine, based on a plan tabled by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, dubbed the ‘Mission for Ukraine’ proposal.

NATO mulls safety net plans for Ukraine, concerned about US disengagement

NATO members are considering transitioning coordination of military deliveries to Ukraine as well as a €100 billion fund to secure long-term support and be able to weather any major political shift across the Western military alliance

The battle for a sustainable food system and rural livelihoods isn’t a battle that farmers should have to fight alone. However, if farmers’ protests descend into violence as seen in the latest protests in Brussels, they may indeed be facing a losing battle in navigating the complexities the agricultural sector faces.

Are Farmers Fighting a Losing Battle?

Rather than propping up the status quo, farmers should focus on the transition to more sustainable methods of food production

The EU’s push was further consolidated in the bloc’s economic security strategy presented earlier this year, outlining a range of proposals for the bloc to reduce reliance on certain “countries of concern” through export restrictions and screening for foreign direct investment across various sectors.

EU says plan to ensure critical raw materials supply is not aimed at China

A senior European Union official denied that the bloc’s recently agreed-upon plan to diversify its supply of strategically critical raw materials targets China

The poll conducted by United Surveys for Wirtualna Polska shows that 66.8% of Poles would prefer to keep the zloty rather than adopt the euro, and almost half are “definitely against” joining the eurozone. Only 27.3% support the introduction of the European currency.

Most Poles don’t want the euro, poll shows

Nearly 70% of Poles do not want their country to join the eurozone, with voters of the conservative PiS the most sceptical according to recent polls

Romania’s government said Schengen rules would apply to four sea ports and 17 airports, with the country’s Otopeni airport near the capital Bucharest serving as the biggest hub for Schengen flights.

Bulgaria, Romania take first steps into Europe’s passport-free zone

Bulgaria and Romania joined Europe’s Schengen area of free movement, opening up travel by air and sea without border checks after a 13-year wait

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