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Welcome to the online edition of the “European Business Review (EBR)”, where journalists and distinguished guest-writers express their views and opinions on European affairs and Business issues with in-depth articles, analyses and commentaries.
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The result of the Ankara meeting? The EU leaders let the media know what they told President Erdogan. Nothing new. Only, ‘it is up to Turkey to seize this opportunity in a solid and sustainable manner’.

No success for VDL and Michel in Ankara

To restore, in the EU’s strategic interest, a mutually beneficial and positive relationship with Turkey, the European Council asked its President Charles Michel to talk with his Turkish colleague Recep Erdogan and lay out the terms on which such a better relationship could be built

President Von der Leyen cuts a sympathetic picture at the lectern; she is articulate and has won widespread recognition as figurehead of the EU’s efforts to contain Covid-19.

It’s time for VDL to admit errors and develop a more global plan

When Ursula von der Leyen steps down in autumn 2024, she will probably look back on this Easter as marking only the initial phase of the Covid crisis

"Tokayev, is continuing the successful policies that kept the country together for three decades, with no radicalisation and no spill-over of regional tensions, religious or ethnic, into Kazakhstan."

Central Asia providing a Rising Star to the East

We are now about 15 months after the Covid pandemic hit the global economy, and the world is preparing to come out of its forced slowing down

Taiwan has complained of an increase in Chinese military activity near it in recent months, as China steps up efforts to assert its sovereignty over the democratically run island.

China says carrier group exercising near Taiwan, drills will become regular

A Chinese carrier group is exercising near Taiwan and such drills will become regular, China’s navy said late on Monday (5 April) in a further escalation of tensions near the island that Beijing claims as its sovereign territory

"Let’s start with a question you will face once looking at the cover: Kamala Harris for President. BUT when?..."

New issue of European Business Review (EBR) released

Here we are with another brand new issue of the "European Business Review (EBR)", the first for the year 2021 - a year that brings us to our 25th year of existence! So, here are some of the highlights!

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