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"In the Lisbon Treaty, foreign policy tasks are not precisely defined. That allows the two presidents to seize every opportunity to compete with each other."

‘Rivalry Michel and Von der Leyen undermines EU’s credibility’

‘Rivalry Michel and Von der Leyen undermines EU’s credibility’, Belgian top diplomat Roux wrote recently

Okonjo-Iweala said that one of her three priorities for this year will be to tackle agricultural subsidies, which are mostly given by developed nations including the US and the EU.

WTO chief targets EU’s farm policy as part of global discussion on subsidies

The managing director of the World Trade Organisation, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said she wants to discuss China’s industrial subsidies but also state aid given to farmers, such as Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy, as part of efforts to improve the multilateral trading system

"It is clear an IPO is a difficult, potentially winding, process that should be given deep thought. The rewards can be tremendous – an unrivalled pool of equity capital that can set the company apart in its own league when compared to competitors."

Preparing for an IPO as a Superclan

Many family businesses do very well as private entities

"Humans have significantly altered around 75 per cent of the Earth’s lands and have had strong negative effects on at least 40 per cent of the ocean, resulting in estimates that roughly a quarter of all species are threatened with extinction."

How to conserve 30% of the planet by 2030

Canada is one of 55 countries planning to conserve 30% of its land and water by 2030, to stem the negative effects of climate change

"China’s challenge to the United States isn’t a problem in itself. Danger arises in how power is exercised."

The case for an ’economic NATO’ to clip provocative China’s wings

What’s to be done about China now that it is becoming a geo-political problem? Its goal of global primacy not only poses a threat to others but eventually to itself

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