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A Eurosceptic as one of the most powerful leaders in the EU? It could bring a refreshing new tone in the monotonous ‘more EU’ debate.

Barnier, from Europhile to Eurosceptic

Speaking at a campaign event in Nimes, Michel Barnier told his audience that he, if been elected French President, would propose a referendum on a so-called ‘constitutional shield’ on immigration issues

“To Brussels because German foreign policy must always be European. And America has said ‘America is back’ and you need a European answer to that. And therefore, to Brussels.”

Germany’s Vote Should Set the Pace for Europe

This German federal election is crucial for Europe’s future. Angela Merkel’s successor has the choice of leading Europe toward more integration and strategic relevance or abetting its gradual, inexorable decline

“It’s going to be a huge political battle. The question is, when do we begin the battle?” said an EU official on condition of anonymity.

EU budget battle looms, as economy lifts out of crisis

European governments have spent hand over fist, despite ballooning public debt, to prevent the coronavirus pandemic from triggering economic calamity

"Carbon removals mean physically taking greenhouse gasses (GHG) out of the atmosphere and storing them permanently (or at least for several centuries), thereby reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere."

Carbon removals must not become an expensive greenwashing tool

Supporters of carbon removal technologies often confuse carbon capture and storage (CCS) with negative emissions

"Researchers suggests that this shift reflects both the push of strict financial regulation and the pull of technological opportunity."

How financial innovation is changing

While several high-profile financial innovations, like blockchain and cryptocurrency, have attracted widespread attention, the broad landscape of financial invention — where innovation occurs, what it targets, and who is responsible for it — has not been studied systematically

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