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 It takes a plan to change the dynamics at play that have kept women entrepreneurs from breaking through. I don’t say ‘held them down’ because I’m an optimist, but without question, the infrastructure has been missing that would help women rise up.

The infrastructure that makes women entrepreneurs unstoppable

Many talk about the old boy’s network (here in the South it’s the good ole’ boy’s network) that helps develop, elevate and advance their peers. In the #MeToo environment, many think this network needs to be burned to the ground

Women’s jobs are likely to be disproportionately affected by automation, at least in the short term. Of the 1.4 million US jobs that are projected to become disrupted between now and 2026, over half (57%) are done by women, an issue also reflected in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017.

Which of tomorrow’s jobs are you most qualified for?

The global labour market will experience rapid change over the next decade. The reason: more jobs becoming automated as technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics take over the workplace

While the West would regard insider trading laws as well defined and understood, the East is quickly catching up and using big data and advanced algorithms to detect anomalies in trading patterns that will eventually lead to more prosecutions. We would expect this to trend to continue to raise more awareness around insider trading legislation in China and help companies that enforce best practices around this important topic to gain market share.

Insider Trading: Playing the Devil’s Advocate

In theory, insider trading is illegal in most parts of the world. In practice, the line is often blurred, and many walk it. The largest prison sentence ever handed down for insider trading in the US was 11 years – a long way from the decades, centuries or even millennia people get for fraud

Multi-stakeholder dialogue, the cornerstone of the World Economic Forum’s ethos, remains the only possible starting point for progress. Beyond the vital work of organisations like the UN, we have carved out a space on the world stage where business leaders can rub shoulders with labour activists, and world leaders can talk – as well as listen. Back in 1987, Davos played a key role in preventing a war between Greece and Turkey. The former Turkish Prime Minister Turgut Ozal met his Greek counterpart, Andreas Papandreou, forming a bond of trust that helped to stave off military conflict.

Don’t underestimate the value of dialogue

We cannot fix the fractures of our world without multi-stakeholder collaboration

During the public consultation in September 2017, several health NGOs (Smoke Free Partnership, Association of European Cancer Leagues, European Network for Smoking Prevention), MEPs and providers of technology to combat illicit tobacco trade (represented notably by the International Tax Stamp Association) criticised the proposals on the grounds of incompatibility with the Protocol and lack of security in the system leading to its inability to substantially reduce illicit tobacco trade.

Tax stamp trade body calls for veto of proposed tobacco track and trace delegated regulation

The global trade body for the tax stamp industry, the International Tax Stamp Association (ITSA), urges the European Parliament to veto a delegated regulation regarding tobacco track and trace systems (key elements of data storage contracts) as it violates international law


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Post-2020 EU budget reform must match EU’s future ambitions

-Post-2020 expenditure (MFF) ceiling should rise to 1.3% of the EU’s GNI -Multi-annual budget period should aligned with 5 year parliamentary mandate -Abolish all rebates and corrections


30 Under 30 Europe 2018: Meet The Young Leaders, Inventors And Visionary Entrepreneurs

“I assert myself in things that I want to achieve, and I just don’t give up,” says chart-topping singer Rita Ora, who started out performing at her father’s London pub after the refugee family emigrated from Kosovo

Editor’s Column

A difficult year ahead for the EU

By: N. Peter Kramer

2018 will see more self-interest by EU member states than ever before. Politico calls it even ‘more naked self-interest’


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