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EMST celebrates the International Museum Day

For the International Museum Day - ICOM, the entrance at EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens and at all the other venues of documenta 14 will be free for the audience, 11.00- 23.00, on Thursday 18.05

By: EBR - Posted: Thursday, May 18, 2017

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documenta 14 organizes walks, every day, in order to provide a profound experience of the exhibition, so the audience can create their own narrations.

On 16.05.2017 EMST two years are completed since EMST moved its administrative offices to its new building. 

Since then a lot have happened. In 2017, EMST is very active both in Greece and abroad. 

For the celebration of the International Museum Day two events will take place:

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) organizes in collaboration with the programme "Studies at Hellenic Culture" of the Hellenic Open University, a speech by sculptor Theodoros. The important sculptor will talk to students and graduates at the EMST screening room.

Entry is free with admission tickets that will be distributed by EMST on a first come first served basis one hour before the speech.

Worldwide screening in Contemporary Art Museums across the World


EMST Screening Room

May 18th, 17.00
May 19th, 19.00

New York, Beijing, Athens, Istanbul, Oaxaca, Dubai, Toronto, Lisbon, Belgrade, Buenos Aires, Leòn, Tallin, Zagreb, The Canary Islands, Israel, Australia, Switzerland and in Italy PAC, Macro, Mambo, Castello di Rivoli, Cantieri della Zisa, Riso and Mart: the film about William Kentridge TRIUMPHS AND LAMENTS to be screened simultaneously in contemporary art museums around the world. Finding its most natural location, the film will finally reach its perfect audience, in a unique event to be held between May 15th and July 4th 2017.

Directed by Giovanni Troilo and produced by Andrea Patierno and Beatrice Bulgari, in collaboration with Sky ARTE HD, RAI Cinema and Lia Rumma, the film premiered at Rome's International Film Festival. Now the distribution process is completed with a small revolutionary element: besides the international distribution and the traditional presence in Festivals and in TV channels, the film will finally be screened in art museums.
Director and producers have worked for years in collaboration with the greatest artists and gallerists with the purpose of creating art films which become "works of art". A revolutionary process that allows a deeper comprehension of the artist's work, now also available to its most natural audience: the one crowding museums all over the world.

The film is in English, without Greek subtitles.

Entry is free with admission tickets that will be distributed by EMST on a first come first served basis one hour before the performance.


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