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“We’re better off working hand in hand [to develop] a much more proactive [and] innovative industrial strategy” and agree to an EU-wide policy that “better protects our industrial interests relative to China and the US”, Le Maire told

Paris pushes to bring Berlin onboard with more ‘innovative’ EU industrial policy

There is no time to lose for Germany and France to finally sit down and build an ambitious EU industrial policy which will protect European industries vis-a-vis the US and China

Countries in the Middle East are also denting the status quo of the multilateral institutions and America’s weakening role in the region. A detente is emerging between Saudi Arabia and Iran, while Iran is supplying weapons to Russia.

The West Is Losing Ground in Multilateral Fora

By refusing to openly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, G20 leaders exposed the divisions in and limits of multilateral institutions

The restoration of investment-grade status reaffirms the country’s credibility in the global financial arena, instilling confidence among investors and opening the door to enhanced access to capital markets.

Greece’s investment grade: The ongoing journey of a remarkable recovery

It was back in 2010 when Greece managed to succeed in becoming the first euro-zone member to be downgraded to junk by credit rating agencies after decades of lack of fiscal discipline

Even with the EU’s significant sanctions on Russia, Czechia recorded its highest Russian oil imports since 2012.

Czechia’s growing dependence on Russian oil raises concerns

Czechia has dramatically increased its reliance on Russian oil, with imports via the Druzhba pipeline reaching 65% this year, up from 56% in the previous year

While this first anniversary will gather some news coverage in Western media, it is not the most decisive element for developments in and around Iran. Instead, the country’s becoming a global challenge necessitates a wholesale rethink of the EU’s respective policy.

Iran Is a Geopolitical Challenge for Europe

September 16 will mark one year since the death of Mahsa Jina Amini in police custody, which sparked the “Woman, Life, Freedom” uprising in Iran

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