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2010 Top Taiwan Global Brands Unveiled

“The 2010 Taiwan Global Brands Value Survey”, supervised by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, and co-organized by the BusinessNext Magazine and Interbrand, revealed the Taiwan Top 20 global brand value and ranking

By: EBR - Posted: Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Driven by the wave of Smartphone market, HTC, the mobile phone brand with powerful kinetic energy of strain and innovation, broke into the top 3 for the first time, won the outstanding 2nd place.
Driven by the wave of Smartphone market, HTC, the mobile phone brand with powerful kinetic energy of strain and innovation, broke into the top 3 for the first time, won the outstanding 2nd place.

Vincent C. Siew, Vice President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), attended the ceremony in person and awarded the prize.

In this year’s survey, attributing to the global economic recovery and the brand achievement in the emerging market development, the top 5 brand value have all broken through the US$1 billion mark, the best score ever in the survey over the years. Among which, ACER, in the past year successfully opened up the new market because of its strong notebook sales, and this year with the brand synergy effects gained by reaching the rental agreement with the China PC Brand Founder, after winning the crown last year, once again topped the poll by creating its 12.9% jump in brand value, to US$1.401 billion. Driven by the wave of Smartphone market, HTC, the mobile phone brand with powerful kinetic energy of strain and innovation, broke into the top 3 for the first time, won the outstanding 2nd place. ASUS and Trend Micro ranked No. 3 and 4 respectively, with a brand value of US$ 1.285 and US$1.228 billion.

Master Kong, starting with instant noodles, brand value growth up to 16.4%, for the first time into the US1-billion-dollar list, securely retained its 5th place this year with a value of US$ 1.066 billion, has had the biggest brand value growth for two consecutive years. Memory storage company Transcend, benefited from the wave of Windows PC replacement and the success of specialty stores operation of its own private brand, broke into the top 10 with a brand value of 240 million U.S dollars.

In the respect of the total brand value, the aggregate brand value for the top 10 this year is up to US$9.36 billion. Compared to last year, the top 20 brand value growth altogether soars by 7.9%, and the top 10 brand value grows even more by 9.6%. The Branding Taiwan Plan launched by the MOEA in 2006 with a goal for five Taiwan brands each to reach USD 1 billion in brand value by 2012, has achieved this target two years in advance, proof that Taiwan brands have yielded strong results in the global market.

According to Interbrand, conducting the brand valuation, the critical factors that Taiwan brands submit remarkable reports lie in the successful development in the emerging market “BRIIC” as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia, and China. Therefore like food and beverage industry, automobile-related industries benefit a lot. As to individual brands, including ACER (No.1), Master Kong (No.5), Want-Want (No.6), Maxxis (No.7), SYNNEX (No.9), Transcend (No.10), Uni-President (No.11), D-Link (No.13), Genius (No.19) are all well-managed brands. Meanwhile, Interbrand also encourages Taiwan Brands to expand other markets, appropriately diversify operating risks. It seems from this year’s list, the networking industry subjects to the demand decline of the European region; the sports industry, the ranking this year is affected by the U.S macroeconomy.

With regard to the technology industry that appears the most on the league table, by holding the advantage of innovation and research and development (R&D), takes the market with real-time development in new generation products, such as Smartphone, 3D Blu-ray player, soft and hardware driven by Windows7 coming into the market, etc., is also the critical point for the leap of Taiwan brand value. GIGABYTE (No.17), because of its focus on the motherboard development with USB 3.0 ultra-high speed transfer technique and its well-performed financial statement; greatly enhances its brand value. CyberLink (No.18) seizes 3D application, gains 11.8% in brand value.

Interbrand also points out that brand owners should never overlook the importance of valuing Digital Media. Apart from the so to speak official website, to manage social communities through more digital devices, communicate multidimensional with consumers, enhance marketing effects, are the brand important issues in the future. Among the top 20 brands this year, Acer (No.1), HTC (No.2), ASUS (No.3), GIGABYTE (No.17), perform quite well in this regard.

This year, the “Survey of the Top Taiwan Global Brands” has come to its eighth year. It is aimed at the publicly-traded, cover-the-counter (public offering), with international brand management Taiwanese brands. The brand valuation leads in the same methodology of the U.S BusinessWeek brand valuation system “100 Best Global Brands Value Rankings”. The system applies the renowned brand consultancy Interbrand of its professional valuation procedure and service, combines quantitative analysis on corporate financial performance and qualitative analysis on brand roles and strengths, offers the actual brand value assessment for the Taiwan World-Class Brands, and marks out their specific coordinates in global market competitiveness.

The top 10 leading brands in the 2010 Top Taiwan Global Brands are:

Ranking from 11th to 20th brands are:


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