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The empowerment of Society through Freedom of Education

Views and opinions from the recent ECNAIS conference

We read that scientific discoveries are coming along so fast now, that most of what we now know was discovered only in the past decade. And the big new discoveries have the power to change whole sectors of the economy. Who knows, for example, what the pharmaceutical business will look like when the potentials of genetic engineering have been realized? Who knows what the digital world will do to our communication, or what smartphones will do to our need for travel?

But such effects notwithstanding, if new products were the only way that technology affected the world of work, the job would be relatively safe: jobs lost in one sector of the economy would be added in another. Technology affects jobs more directly in the way it changes how work is actually done. In this case, the role of modern education is highly important, because more and more, knowledge is becoming the main row-material of creating wealth.

This was the aim of the last conference organized in Athens by the Hellenic Association of Independence School and the European Council. Why? Because Greece is considered to be a place a place of birth of democracy and the democratic institutions require respect of freedom. The pedagogical perspective from the point of view of educators the most important tell us something significant about the freedom of education. In this magazine we believe that this freedom in the long run empowers society.

In the case of the school, initiative and resources must be transferred to the schools’ stakeholders. The decisions affecting the day to day operations of the school should be made by those who comprise the school community: the school director, the teachers, parents and to some extent the students themselves.

The liberated school and social change

For the last six years the political elite, the state apparatus and Greek society have been strikingly unable to come up with ideas and programs to lead the country out of its economic crisis

What we need is common rules that hold for everyone in academia either public or private.

A school that builds integrated personalities

I will briefly talk about the role of a modern school in today’s society

When it comes to private schools – which are constitutionally guaranteed in Greece- the government strives to undermine the freedom of choice private education allows.  Any effort to differentiate the school programme, or undertake any sort of quality assessment in private schools, is hindered.

Changing the world through education

«Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world». Nelson Mandela was right. In order to change the world one needs to change people. And education is the catalyst

Independent education is not a right that once acquired, will last forever. In a way it has to be ‘earned’ and embedded into society continuously. For these reasons, independent schools should continue to publish and promote the broader results of independent education and show how it contributes to solving the questions society faces today.

ECNAIS and the Independent Education

How the free parental choice can be ensured by civil society?

Jobs remain the best route to inclusion, but only high-quality education and a broad mix of relevant skills lead to employment.

Education, the best route to employment

Jobs remain the best route to inclusion, but only high-quality education and a broad mix of relevant skills lead to employment, writes Tibor Navracsics


Despite the extensive state centralization and control, the Greek education system scores low also in terms of fairness.

Investing in Education, a strategy for social and economic development

By: EBR | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How education can transform societies on our digital world?

Moreover, without the parental right of choice, autonomy, educational freedom and pedagogical excellence, decentralization is crippled. Its advances remain precarious and can generate a profound disillusionment which threatens decentralization’s own democratic or/and pedagogical foundation.

Responding to 21st century challenges for decentralizatio

By: EBR | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

From Educational Freedom to Pedagogical Excellence and from School Autonomy to the Parental Right of Choice

We remain convinced that an education system, that would place parents and their rights between the State and the Schools, would offer such a freedom of choice to the parents, that no government thereafter would dare remove. Such a system would indeed empower our societies in more ways than we think possible.

The empowerment of society through freedom of education

By: EBR | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

History proves that more freedom strengthens our societies and such a statement is nowhere more applicable than in the area of Education

Private schools in Greece are an indispensable component of our educational system and have to be protected from those who wish for their extinction.

The importance of private schools in Greece

By: EBR | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It is essential to develop synergies between public and private education. Private schools tend to adopt innovative new programs which could inspire the legislator as well as the staff of public schools for related improvements

EU Actually

The G7 wants to project strength, but the traditional group photo shows its weakness

N. Peter KramerBy: N. Peter Kramer

An 81-year-old Biden trailing Trump in the polls; Macron and Scholz who have just been defeated by the far right; Sunak on his last G7 meeting before his election defeat

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