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19TH APRIL 2021 / 16.00-20.00 hrs

By: EBR - Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2021

International Organizations will honour us with their participation commenting on issues of Maritime and Economic Affairs, as well as on the outcome of the closed discussions.
International Organizations will honour us with their participation commenting on issues of Maritime and Economic Affairs, as well as on the outcome of the closed discussions.

Together with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS (Towage/ Agencies/ DA’s), a robust network of Towing companies and Shipping agencies worldwide, the 20th Navigator – The Shipping Decision Makers Forum will be organized. From Monday 12th to Friday 16th April 2021, five (5) “closed” discussions will take place during NAVIGATOR – THE SHIPPING DECISION MAKERS ONLINE WEEK, in which executives of Greek Ship owning & Ship Management Companies will participate, while the official NAVIGATOR - THE SHIPPING DECISION MAKERS FORUM will be held virtually on Monday 19th April 2021 and will be open to the International Shipping Community.

Since 1991, NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS has been holding long term cooperations with hundreds of Greek Ship Owning and Ship Management companies, providing the highest quality of Towing and shipping Agency services worldwide. In addition, NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS provides DA’s processing services.

«NAVIGATOR - The Shipping Decision Makers Forum» is the longer lasting Greek Shipping Forum organized on an annual basis, bringing together hundreds of representatives from the whole spectrum of the maritime industry (Shipowners, Executives and Managers), to exchange views and ideas on the most crucial matters of Shipping and Economy on a national and international level.

The Forum will be held online on Monday 19th April 2021, 16:00 – 20:00 hrs.

Opening remarks will be made by the Minister of Greek Shipping & Insular Policy, Ioannis Plakiotakis.

The outcome of the "closed" discussions of the week 12-16 April 2021, among the executives-representatives of Ship-owning Companies and Ship management Companies, and the members of NAVIGATOR FORUM ADVISORY BOARD, will be presented by:

• Helena Athoussaki, Head of ESG, Sustainability & Climate Change – MOTOR OIL GROUP (#Decarbonisation)
• Seraphim Kapros, Director of MBA in Shipping – University of Aegean (#SupplyChain)
• Panos Theodossopoulos, Chief Digital Officer – OCEANKING (#SmartShipping)
• Katerina Skourtanioti, Managing Director – VENLYS Maritime Specialisation Services & Dorothea Ioannou, Deputy Chief Operating Officer – The AMERICAN P & I CLUB (#Human Element)
• Costas Constantinou, Managing Partner/Global Maritime Leader – MOORE GREECE (#Commercial &Finance)

International Organizations will honour us with their participation commenting on issues of Maritime and Economic Affairs, as well as on the outcome of the closed discussions.

Margi Van Gogh, Shaping the Future of Mobility – Head of Supply Chain & Transport –will represent World Economic Forum, Elaine Smith Genser, Responsible For Engagement and Partnerships Development will take part on behalf of United Nations Joint SDG Fund and Guy Platten, Secretary General on behalf of International Chamber of Shipping.

Moderators of the discussion will be Danae Bezantakou, CEO – NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS & Gina Panayiotou, CVO - OCEANS ARENA, Concept Founder - IT’S ALL ABOUT SHIPPING

FORUM will be completed with the presentations of representatives of NAVIGATOR’s network of Towing Companies and Shipping Agencies on issues such as: Port developments, crew changes, renewal of the tug fleet worldwide, etc :

Jeff Horst, Vice President of Sales & Marketing - FOSS MARITIME (Harbor Towing & Marine Transportation services) (U.S. West Coast - Hawaii)
Julian Oggel, Managing Director - Novatug & Counsel - MULTRASHIP TOWAGE & SALVAGE (Belgium & The Netherlands)
Diana Villarreal, Commercial Manager–COLTUGS TOWAGE & SALVAGE/ ULTRATUG (Chile, Peru, Equador, Colombia)
Hugh Buchanan, Operations Director- AGENCIA MARITIMA NABSA S.A (Argentina)
Elisio Dourado, Towage Commercial Director - WILSON SONS (Brazil)
Sushil Mulchandani, Chief Executive Officer - JM BAXI & CO. (India)
Jose Echeverria Goldoni, General Manager - ILG LOGISTICS (Panama)
Meera Kumar, Head of DIABOS Business Unit (DA’s processing System)
Capt. Dimitris Bezantakos, Founder & President, Danae Bezantakou, CEO, & Christina Bezantakou, Co-CEO of NAVIGATOR SHIPPING CONSULTANTS are looking forward to welcoming you in “NAVIGATOR – The Shipping Decision Makers Online Forum”.


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